Since the beginning of time, we’ve been decorating our walls. We advanced from etchings of everyday life on cave walls to painted murals, mosaics, tiles and gaudy 1970s flurries of floral. The early 21st century left our walls fairly unadorned, but we can’t help notice that wall decor is back with a bang. Texture, pattern, bright or white – we’re sprucing up our partitions again.

3D Board wall panels are an eye catching, modern and chic wall decorating solution. They are also produced from biodegradable materials. The eco friendly 3D wall panels are made from plant fibre. The raw materials used to produce 3D Board wall panels  are 100% recycled, compostable and is therefore 100% biodegradable and contribute to the sustainability of the product.

Style, quality and innovation are only a few of the characteristics that can define 3D Board.  These multidimensional wall panels are made from the fibrous residue of plant fibre, making these 3D Board one of the eco friendly wall coverings available.

3D Board was introduced to the UK market in 2013. They have been featured in offices, restaurants, hotels and homes around the world. There are currently 11 designs to choose from, suiting a range of styles and spaces. 3D Board wall panels can be painted, allowing you to add your touch to the finished feature walls. You’ll also find them easy to install.

Why limit your feature wall to paint or wallpaper when you can use captivating 3D Board wall panels!