It never ceases to amaze us how creative our clients can be with our designs. Using a multitude of colours and layouts, and continuing to create stunning, unique finishes that go against the standard expectations. When it comes to our Rubik design, we’ve always talked about the art deco aesthetics, being due to the uneven straight edges and generally squared approach. Nettl of Birmingham have taken this idea and turned it on its head, producing something vastly different (but equally great) to what we’re used to.

The latest brand developed by designers Grafenia plc, Nettl are premier web builders and designers, specialising in brand management, e-commerce/online shop building and general website construction. With a focus on interactivity and natural business to customer relations, their custom systems allow for ease of access with regards to booking forms, reviews and online reservations, helping them to stand out from the crowd. 

With any new brand, getting the look and style is key, but with a green colour scheme, with heavy naturalistic connotations, you’d expect a design such as Meldal, with it’s sharp, leaf-like spines, would be a better fit than Rubik. Feast your eyes on their Birmingham studio remodel however, and it’s hard to image you could ever have doubts of Rubik’s ability to look natural. 

Combined with a deep, leaf green colour, and laid in a seemingly random order, Rubik’s straight edges suddenly take on a whole other feel, mimicking the randomness and nature itself. Supported by the rainforest style mural along the back wall, and the whole eco-friendly atmosphere of the space, with it’s ‘compost’ bins and unfinished wooden desks, 3D Board is the perfect product for such a style, created itself from recycled plant fibres to produce an environmentally friendly tile that fits in perfectly with it’s new surroundings.

An obvious concern, of course, would be the sheer contrast in the company’s purpose compared to design. Web building, and any Internet-based company doesn’t exactly scream of plants and nature.

In a modern world where we’re constantly striving to merge the two, it’s actually a very clever move for the brand. Ultimately, users want a website with natural flow, a clean, modern twist and a way of merging modern technology with a natural world. In such a simple way, it’s perfect for convincing clients that your company is the future.

Fantastic work, Nettl. We’re very impressed! Check them out on Facebook and Twitter now!