We’ve taken a closer look at our most prolific products, such as the weaved wicker effect of Bladet or the cool waves created by Inreda, but what about those beautiful styles that are often overlooked? Today, let’s play tribute to the designs that truly break the mould and create such amazing, unusual spaces.



Looking at a single Karlstad title can be a little underwhelming compared to some of our other designs. Its parallel lines, forming different sized quarter-circles over two corners, is a seemingly simple design. It’s not until you start combining multiple Karlstad tiles that you begin to realise just how versatile the design really is. 

Depending on the direction you place your tiles, Karlstad can be used to create vast walls of concentric circles, but place tiles back to back, and you create a wave of ripples on a pond, moving from a central circle. Or you could get really creative and mix waves and circles for a captivating feature wall that’ll have your guests talking for hours.



Without doubt out most unique design, a single Malm tile appears completely random, with squiggled lines, varying in thickness, reflected perfectly on the far side. The symmetry of the design can easily be likened to that of a Rorschach test image, which further pushes the random feel.

When combined, the repeated pattern presents an exotic image, with an almost ancient feel. When partnered with harsher or darker colours and the right kind of mood lighting, the shadows created by the random patterns become like wisps of smoke. A far cry from many of our more straight edged, professional designs, Malm instantly evokes the feel of a Latin American bar, or middle-eastern treasure.



With its sharp spines facing inwards from all corners, a Meldal 3D Board is easily reminiscent of a cactus plant. When combined with multiple boards, we’re presented with a spider’s web of spines across the wall.

Meldal works exceptionally will with a variety of colours and lighting effects, which completely change the feel of the designs. Shades of green instantly invoke a rainforest/jungle feel, with the lines becoming the skeletal structure of the leaves. Add gold, with yellow lighting and Meldal suddenly becomes a regal structure, enriching the room. Stick to white, or various Earthy tones, and your wall becomes an archaeological dig-site, with the spines taking on the appearance of half-burried fossils.


There’s literally no end to the creativity that can be achieved using our simple 3D Board products. From the art-deco Rubik to the exotic Malm, and at such an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with 3D Board!